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Composition ID will be at CrossFit Anavah on January 4th, so make sure to sign up for a time slot by clicking here. $100 will automatically enroll you for the nutrition challenge and include your before and after body scan. In addition to the scans we will also have a sign up for your before and after photos. The challenge will take place January 15th-Feb 15th.


A male and female will be announced as winners by Anavah Leadership based on total body transformation, assessed by DEXA Scan results and photos. Winners will receive a free package, valued at $270, from Composition ID, which includes a VO2 Max Test, resting metabolic rate test, and DEXA scan, in addition to a cash prize (the more participants, the larger the cash prize!)


DEXA scans are extremely powerful and useful, offering information on total body fat, lean body mass, and bone mineral density.  This information can be helpful in identifying risk of osteopenia and osteoporosis as we age.  Additionally, it can help us see that our training is producing the intended results.  


The Holidays are over, and we’ve had our fun. It’s time to get serious and get the results you deserve for 2020!  Let’s go Anavah!!!

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Meet Our Winners!

Ashley Mcnierney

ash front.jpg
ash back.jpg

Debbie Alvarenga

dab front.jpg
deb back.jpg
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